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has 3 years of experience in shopping carts, product listing / promotion, delivery and payment options. However if a customer cannot trust their hard earned dollars to your shop, you are wasting your money and our time.

Using smart web design we have our Easy Shop which gives our customers total control over their online store without the need to run to their web designer every time they need something new.

Customers may pay with a credit card, post a cheque, transfer funds from their bank via telephone banking or internet banking. Credit card payments may be processed by the merchant, with PayPal, other merchants and now with Google Checkout.

Google's new service is also good news for consumers who are concerned about their privacy when shopping online. Professional web design is all about getting your customers to trust you.

If you are a seller who also uses Adwords, you'll love this: For every $1.00 you spend with Adwords, Google will allow you to process $10.00 in "Google Checkout" sales for free. So if you're already using Adwords and start using Checkout you'll save money on your transaction fees. What are the fees, you say? 2% and $.20 per transaction, which does beat Paypal's current fees of 2.9% and $.30 per transaction.  

Another advantage to offering Checkout on your web site is that your Adwords ads will display a small graphic of a shopping cart next to them. This is called a "Google Checkout Badge," and will identify your site quickly to searchers as one who will take "Google Checkout" payments from shoppers.

To sign up, you'll first need to have a Google account, which you can get at no charge by going to http://google.com/accounts. At this time, you must live in the U.S. and have a bank account if you wish to process payments as a merchant.

If you're a merchant you'll also need to specify your return and shipping policies.   Merchants can accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you have an Adwords account you'll want to link it to your new Checkout account during the registration process in order to earn your free transaction credits.  

At Web Design Sunshine Coast we are able to add the advanced features that fully integrate Google Checkout into your website.   If you're worried about chargebacks, don't. They're all evaluated by Google and Google will go to bat on your behalf. If the transaction is covered by their "Payment Guarantee Policy" and you supply Google with all of the documentation they request within 10 days, they will reimburse you within one week.  

Checkout's privacy features are great for your buyers. Google handles all of their personal information -- instead of entering a credit card with each transaction, all they have to supply is a user name and password to complete a purchase. All credit card details are maintained by Google with complete details of all transactions.  

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With the rise in identity theft and people more nervous then ever about sharing their personal information, this should make everyone happy. There's also the added benefit of a faster check out experience which is to be appreciated if you've ever been put through page after page of a badly put together shopping cart.   Buyers can also click a box during the purchase process to specify if they would like to receive future promotional emails from this seller. This should help some with their already "too full" in boxes. Read more about your website visitors.

No matter if you're a merchant or a consumer there are advantages on both sides when it comes to Google Checkout. I'm sure with time Google will add more benefits and features that will make their Checkout process even more impressive.

Easy Shop is an e-commerce system designed to make the on-line shopping experience for your customers as much as possible like the real one - allowing your customers to browse through a 'shopping mall' of your products and services.

Your customers can see an itemised shopping list of the items they have selected, their individual prices, and the price total for their selections, before paying for them, in real time in a secure on-line environment.

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Easy Shop also calculates freight charges for multiple possible carriers, and stores orders and customer information history.

Your site visitor browses through the web pages in your on-line catalogue. When they see something they want to buy, they click on an icon which adds that item to the Easy Shop shopping cart, which picks up the relevant details, and stores them in a record attached to the site visitor.

At any time the shopper can review the contents of their shopping cart, which also stores the cumulative totals, such as number of items and the total value of the order.

When they've finished selecting their purchases, they proceed to a 'virtual checkout', where their order is processed, and a confirmation message is sent to their email box. More information on global web design.

The order itself is processed on a secure server, which encrypts their personal details in such a way as to protect their sensitive data - contact information, order details and credit card information.

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Our Easy Shop systems are designed in such a way as to pass complete control of the maintenance of your Easy Shop system to you once we've set up your e-commerce solution. Need to add new products, set stock levels, change prices our add specials? We provide online interfaces specifically designed to allow you control of your inventory and pricing structures, saving you potentially costly web site maintenance fees.

Ease of maintenance - Easy Shop features a logical, well-designed maintenance interface in which to update and maintain your online store with a minimum of fuss - and it's 100% online - no software installations are required on your computers.

Powerful search facility - Easy Shop offers an advanced search facility which you can customise to your needs.

Tailored to your needs - Multi-level pricing information, customised product ID numbers, automatically calculated GST, customised freight charge calculations can all be set up to suit your operation.

Template driven design - We design 'product category' templates for your site, which are stored in the Easy Shop database. These are designed to govern the 'look and feel' for all pages belonging to that product category. This makes the process of changing the design of multiple pages a one-step operation - Change the template, and all the pages associated with that template take on the changed design, saving many hours of maintenance work.

Plug into other solutions - Need to export your data for your accounting, inventory or warehousing program? No problem - Easy Shop offers CSV import and export facilities for use in a variety of applications.

Stock level control - Enter stock levels available, set stock threshold levels below which items become unavailable for purchase until updated, or set up automatic email notification when your stock levels fall below a pre-set quantity.

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