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If you had a website made a year or two ago, you are probably still under the illusion that what you have is cutting edge. While your site probably does still function as well as it did when you had it professionally designed, the reality is that it may need a few little tweaks so that it can stay ahead of the Buderim web design 2017 trends. As is the case with every passing year, technology develops, as does the need of the internet users, and the websites that thrive are those that are able to adapt to those changes as they happen.

• Material Website Design

As you might expect, Google are behind many of the changes that are taking place in the world of web design. Since most websites are discovered through the search engine, you can imagine how important it is to keep up with anything that Google deems to be important. This includes something that they call Material Design, which is essentially a layout that is able to adapt to the size of the screen (responsive design) that the website is being viewed upon. Think of it as the next step forward for responsive design, which did a similar thing, although a little more clumsily.

• Cluttered websites

Cluttered websites are going to become a thing of the past in 2017, as minimalist design is the way forward this coming year. This new look will employ cards in the design, which are snippets of images and information that lead to something a little more detailed when you click on them. If you have spent any time browsing the Netflix website, you will know exactly how this new design will look, as that is what is used by the streaming giants. It’s a clean look that makes it easy for the user to quickly find what they want, which should be the goal of any good website.

• Website adjusted and managed

Having a website that can be adjusted and managed to suit every single person that visits is going to be big in 2017. This will be achieved by using micro interactions within the design. It sounds as though it should be complicated, but in reality, it gives the website visitor or customer control over what they do within the site or application. This includes, but is not limited to, things like zooming, clicking, tapping, and even quickly and easily controlling the volume of audio being delivered on the site. It’s an interactive experience, which is what users are looking for nowadays.

Neil ParkerThe number one reason that people go online is for information, which is something that hasn’t changed since the very early days of the internet. Nowadays, internet users want a bigger, more visual experience, and that will be coming in the form of big, colorful charts that break information down in brilliant detail. Infographics were absolutely huge a few years ago, and this next step is one that is sure to appeal to anyone who wants a clear, detailed display of data and stats in an easy to read format. Times are changing online, and your website needs to be able to keep pace with those changes.

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