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Mcommerce is the term for mobile commerce as more and more people buy your products and / or services from their mobile phone, iPad or tablet.

E-commerce and Mcommerce fact sheet

Claims to have you up and running in an hour are simply untrue. Remember perfect planning for perfect performance.


Online Shop Basics

1. What is ecommerce?
Web shop definition.
Your ecommerce shop.
Your business office.
What do I need?

2. Ecommerce checklist.
My market.
Organise your shop.
Pictures sell.

Ecommerce general information

3. Ecommerce Shop Information
Payment options
Freight or shipping

An ecommerce web shop carefully designed to a web design plan as per any business will succeed. Web design tips.

12website Sunshine Coast helps you make money through ecommerce or online shopping. Designing online shops since 2003.

A web shop definition.
A web shop or ecommerce is a website that displays and sells your products. Just like shops at the mall, web shops can sell just a few products or thousands of products. Keep the web design professional.
Your web shop can
advertise its products, have sales, and accept various forms of payment - credit card, cheques, money orders, cash on delivery. You choose the ways you want to accept payments. Web shops can reach customers all over the world. Why have a website?^ Back to Top ^

Your ecommerce web shop.
When a leading supermarket recently went online it found most of its customers shopping after 10pm. Check your
website for success.
A web shop has one or more pages that display and describe products, and a shopping cart where customers can buy those products by giving their name and address and, typically, providing credit card information.
Your shopfront or website homepage needs careful attention.

If you already have a shop, your web shop can extend your market. Or ask for our web site redesign service. Many ecommerce shops have no physical store. They simply ship their goods directly from the manufacturer. Operate your business from home. It is important that the web design of your web shop can answer all your customers questions. Some websites don't get sales - we can tell you why.  ^ Back to Top ^

Your business office.
You have a very private 'office' in your web shop where you can:

  • add or delete products
  • change prices
  • display specials
  • collect orders.

You don't need to know how to design a web site. You do need to know how to use the internet and we will train you in simple internet security.  
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What do I need?
12website ecommerce package:

  • Your business domain name.
  • Ecommerce website.
  • Ecommerce web hosting.
  • Ecommerce training.  ^ Back to Top ^

Startup Checklist

Web shops that unique items OR offer unique
services succeed. Find a niche market and service it well. Your products usually are available elsewhere. Why should people buy from you? For more information on successful marketing read this.    ^ Back to Top ^

Other web shops:
Look at your competitions products and/ or web shops. What is your competition selling and for how much? Why should customers buy from you? How will your shop attract and keep their customers?  ^ Back to Top ^

Can you markup your products and/or services to cover your wholesale prices and your time? Beware of fast talk about fast profit.  ^ Back to Top ^

Organise your shop:
Your customers need to be able to find what they need easily.
Categorise your products. 12website provides a simple search and an advanced search to assist your customers. Do not overload your website homepage.  
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Pictures Sell:
Customers buy with their eyes.
Do you have a picture of your products? Do you have a business's logo?
12website - web and graphic design can assist you have an appealing web shop.  ^ Back to Top ^

Ecommerce Shop Information:
The heart of your ecommerce web shop is:
Payment options
To identify each product you will need:

  • Product model or number. Something which is unique to each product.
  • Product picture. A good idea but not absolutely necessary.
  • Product name. Short and descriptive.
  • Product description. Selling points.
  • Product price.
  • Manufacturer. For books - author.
  • Product category.
  • Product subcategory.
  • Product weight. Only if shipping is calculated on weight.  ^ Back to Top ^

Shipping may be calculated on:

  • weight
  • price
  • fixed price
  • or free
    If you are going to sell in other states or overseas we can set up a shipping method to suit your customers.   ^ Back to Top ^

Payment methods.
Credit card
Cheques/ Money Orders
Cash on Delivery
BPay for Australia
Internet or telephone banking details

  • Credit card transactions require you to have a Merchant Account.
    Credit cards may be processed offline or through an EFTPOS or POS facility.
    Credit cards may also be processed in 'real time' through a Merchant Gateway.
  • Cheque/ Money order. The goods are shipped when that is cleared at your bank.
  • Cash on Delivery.

Below is a free domain search - to get you started.  ^ Back to Top ^

Domain Name Search - - Sample e-commerce web shop

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