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- October 2013

Web Design and Usability of your Online Shop

Main trends and keys of ecommerce – your online shop

These are the top five trends for the future of ecommerce, online shopping:

Cross- channel strategies

For a brand, an ecommerce website is much more than another of its stores: it marks the opening of its "global flagship store" open 24 hours a day to all customers around the the country and the world. We have developed online shops for our customers on the Sunshine Coast, in New Zealand and the UK.

The only way to ensure a consistent experience across all sales channels (physical stores , e-stores, social networks , mobile phone ... ) is to put the customer at the centre, allowing him to decide. The main question about ecommerce brings us back to stores: What's so special to offer consumers back? How to attract them to physical stores from online stores?

Mobile commerce or m -commerce

The Smartphones and touch tablets should be placed in a central position in the reflection of the brands in the digital world. The growth rate in terms of user time spent in front of the mobile devices is increasing at a much faster rate than other media. Mobile telephony infinitely multiplies the number of opportunities for exchange and purchase.

The differentiation of the image and tone

The quality of the images is the key to increasing impulse buying, when you cannot emphasize on the price. Immersive video experiences to immerse visitors in the universe of the brand.

Service Excellence

Logistics, usability and customer service are the most important features in ecommerce with a commitment to service excellence.
The most critical is after ordering. It is at this point where the commercial promise is realised, where a large part of your satisfaction lies. The consumer tends to the lowest possible price for a quality service, and also to get the biggest discount possible. Your online shop will sell your products and services if it is easy to use.

The luxury and Internet

Luxury brands have a long way to go if they want to keep on pace with the needs of today's consumers, very skeptical are the internet experts. Another constant: buyers prefer luxury goods on online shopping because are less intimidating than buying in a store (60% consult the site before making a purchase online or going to the store).
For this reason, the luxury goods web has to propose a special "e-selling ceremony »
But you have to follow some “ecommerce codes ", for usability, navigation, data sheet ... and those e- buyers of luxury goods that have caught habits, reflexes: are buyers with experience!

  • An online store is not an end in itself to the consumer who always return to the real, simpler , more concrete , more personal , more human . The challenge for Ecommerce is to combine new technologies and be in reality.

An interactive store to the consumer
As the customer is online he only sees products, this will make his level of demand with human relationship with the store much greater. Previously sold products will bring in the future the experience. The important thing is to provide customers in each channel a distinctive experience that makes them feel pleasure and excitement.

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