COVID-19: Keep Your Sunshine Coast Customers | May 2020

Weather This Current Storm

COVID-19: Sunshine Coast Customers

Small businesses are currently hurting due to the coronavirus outbreak that has caused shutdowns around the world. The effect of COVID-19 can be felt in the Sunshine Coast as well with many business owners wondering how to stay in touch with their customers amid the crisis. With so many people using the internet, it is essential to have a Sunshine Coast website that loads fast and delivers for you. If there is a silver lining, there are ways that small business owners can weather this current storm by following a few tips.


The tried and true way of increasing purchases is to offer discounts. This is the time to use the type of discounts that can last for a while. Such discounts include memberships that last for a year, specific items that may be sold online, and the like. You can help other businesses by offering a discount when a customer brings in a receipt from a company that is not in your industry.

Create Gift Cards

If your business is not using gift cards, now is the time to start. A gift card allows customers to pay you in advance for products or services that you will provide later. There are electronic or e-gift card programs you can use to have your customers pay online for what they will need at a time when the crisis has passed.

Live Chats

One way that many businesses along with people are staying in touch is with live chats. Think about how your business can stay in touch with customers using this relatively simply communication system. You can use the many systems that are out there from Skype to Zoom to Google Hangouts and more. Plus, you can create courses that relate to your industry. You can even use services such as Vimeo that lets customer pay for the videos. You will need to give them something that they are willing to pay for, but it is one more way to stay in business.

Online Communication

Keeping your employees and customers informed of what is going on can help you stay in touch with them in the right manner. This means whether you are temporarily closing your online web store, changing the hours in which your business is open, or just letting everyone know that things will still be the same. You have advantages in using online communication such as your website, social media, and email to stay in touch with everyone.

Online Events

Another popular trend that has exploded is holding online events. Similar to live chats, you can use established online sources such as Instagram Live or Facebook live to host a celebration of a particular event. Whether it is a famous day for your town, celebrating how many years you have been in business, or someone’s birthday, you simply provide the entertainment and the people will watch.

For businesses on the Sunshine Coast, there are ways to stay open and in touch with your customers during the coronavirus crisis. The key is to look at your options and take the right course of action that stands the best chance of getting through this temporary situation until COVID-19 has passed.

Neil Parker


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