Getting a website professional built? | September 2015

See what your website Sunshine Coast QLD designer might add to your price quote

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When you go the professional route when getting a website professional built, you more than likely will have a budget that has to be strictly adhered to. The average person simply isn’t aware of the amount of work that goes into the design of a site, which is why some of the elements you see on your price quote might be a little confusing. Let’s take a moment to dig a little deeper to see what your website Sunshine Coast QLD designer might add to your price quote.

• Logo creation

The largest expense is likely to be the design of your website, especially if that includes logo creation. It can take hours of work to get your unique site designed to your exact specification, which means a lot of web designer hours will be logged. A website not only has to be easy to navigate, it also has to look good, which is why you may have to pay for stock images. You can perhaps save a little by providing your own images, but keep in mind that the designers may have to touch them up to give them a more professional look, all of which costs money.

• Content creators

The basic design of the site is really just the start of the entire project. There is no point in having a great looking site if no-one is ever going to see it. Your website Sunshine Coast price quote will likely also include having content created for it. Even if you are a bit of a wordsmith, you probably don’t know enough about search engine optimisation. The use of keywords, as well as their placement, is crucial in your content. A good website design company will have content creators on hand who know how to create items that are informative, and which will also help you in the search engine rankings.

• Website testing

Once the site is built, there is still work to be done before it is uploaded and goes live. Each element of the site has to be tested to ensure that it works as it is meant to. The website also needs to be accessible for those with disabilities. There may also be a number of elements that have to be integrated into the site, with items like ecommerce, site forms, and email marketing systems all built in. These are complex additions that are not necessarily that easy to manage, which is why your quote may also include some training sessions. Some website companies will give you the option of having a designated consultant who will take care of updates for you, but that also comes at a price.

• Your website succession plan

Neil ParkerOne thing that people often don’t think about is what happens to their site if the design company closes or they simply want to move it over to another designer. Something called succession is often added to the cost, as this gives you total ownership of the site. Now that you know some of the elements included in the price quote for a website, you will be able to ask prospective web designers how much they charge for each element.

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