Business website and your social media account - October 2014

Impact of Social Media on Web Design QLD

Mobile app design qldGone are the days when potential customers would visit your website to get an idea of what you are all about. Sure, you will still get visitors to your main site, but a good many website visitors will arrive via one social media site or another. Today’s customers want to know what your business is up to on an ongoing basis, and social media is the way to do that. They want their question and complaints addressed quickly, and they will spread the good word about your business if they do that. If you have a business website and you don’t have social media account linked to it, you need to get it done now.

This can all very easily be done through your website design, and it all begins with adding icons that clearly show which social media sites you are part of. Most people who spend any amount of time online are social media savvy to the point that they know exactly which sites those little icons point to. If you are not on the one that they use the most, chances are they will look for a competitor of your who is. This doesn’t mean your page should be loaded with icons, though, but it does mean that you should be active on the social media sites that can have a positive impact on your business.

Social Media

What drives social media is the sharing of content, and that is something that can very much be used in your favor. Instead of having page after page of static content that hasn’t changes for weeks, you could add social media widgets that constantly update when you are active on the major social networks. Just as people will land on your pages via social media, so they will do in reverse, following links on your main page that connect to content on Facebook, Twitter, et al.

Social media share icons on blogs

If you do decide to have content on your site in the form of a blog, make sure to add those share icons at the bottom of each and every blog piece. Your goal should be to deliver content that educates, entertains, and informs your visitors. If you can do that, they will want to share it with friends that they know will benefit from that content. Don’t make them have to copy and paste the URL of the page where your content rests, make it easy for them to share it on the social media site of their choosing.

Neil Parker

Using social media on your website is an absolute must nowadays, as the customer now wants to put a face to the companies that they do business with. Social media can help you build your brand, which in turn will build trust and drive your business forward. It will allow you to generate good word of mouth, and quickly out an end to any type of negativity before it has a chance to spread. In short, if you want a business website today, it must be connected to your social media activities.

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