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Brand and market your web shopStarting a business or shopping cart online is now more popular than ever, as entrepreneurs look for a way to create new streams of income. While the prospect of getting a website off the ground and turning it into a thriving business sounds exciting, the fact of the matter is that doing so is incredibly difficult. Think about it this way, if you were to open a bricks and mortar store in your home town in the Sunshine Coast, you might have one or two competitors to deal with. Open that same business online and you could potentially have thousands, with more new businesses going up against you every day. In order to become the best in the business, or at least the most recognised, you need to invest in marketing and building your online brand. Here are a few ways you can do that:

• Let people know why your are different from your competitors

– Too many people starting a new business take a look at a successful business model and try to copy it exactly. While that may work in the very short term, it will do nothing for your brand over the long haul. People need a reason to choose your business, so give them one, and try to make it something that your competitors either don’t do or can’t do as well as you.

• Make content your king

– Creating great content that is useful and informative is a great way of building your brand and earning trust from the people who view what you deliver. If you can deliver value in the content that you put out, customers will reward you by opening their wallets to buy from you.

• If you can’t create, share

– Spending the money on great web design is always a good idea, but you should also not forget that social media plays a major role in marketing and building your brand. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers, and also a great place to share content, which does not necessarily have to be your own. If you see a great article, video, or infographic that pertains to your business, share it.

• Get word of mouth via reviews

– This is especially important to business owners that operate a bricks and mortar business. More and more people are looking to review sites to get an opinion of hoe good or bad a particular business is. Take the time to ask your customers to write a good review on one of those sites if they were happy with the service received.

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• Remember that Google matters

– The vast majority of people that find your website will do so via Google, it’s just that simple. With that in mind, you should consider creating a little marketing budget so that you can advertise via Google AdWords. You should also hire a professional website builder to help you, as they will know all about the current SEO trends and how they can help your search engine ranking.

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