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our motto is "Working Websites". We know what it takes to allow a website to function correctly however different products or services have their own individual needs. More web design information. Once we have developed your website we can assist you in the web site testing process.

Want to know how to increase your profits without increasing your web site traffic? Proper testing and tracking is the key.

You should test all of your sales letters, landing pages, order forms, and web designs. Here are some of the crucial elements that you should test on every page along with some advice on best practices.

Keep in mind that nothing beats your own testing because different market segments will respond differently to your sales copy.


Simple changes to the headline have been known to produce up to a 1,900% increase in conversion rates. The headline is the single most important part of your sales letter. If they don't read past your headline, they will never reach the order button. More on your website homepage.

An effective headline will capture your visitors' attention and draw them into your sales copy. You only have about 8 - 10 seconds to capture your visitors' attention. To do so, your headline must hit your visitors deepest needs and desires.

One of the most powerful headlines is a question. Why? Because questions irritate the brain and make your grey cells go haywire. Psychologically, questions are extremely powerful.

Here are 3 quick tips for writing effective headlines:

  • Ask a question that begs to be answered.
  • Create curiosity. ( Our brains our naturally curious)
  • Embellish your visitors deepest problem.

If you are not testing your headline, you are most likely leaving lots of money on the table. More of this in web design research.


Psychologists have suggested that colour impression can account for up to 60% of the acceptance or rejection of a product or service.

Changing a few colours on your web site can instantly increase your conversion rate. When colour is used correctly, it can send a number of messages to your readers. It can also highlight important points.

Colour triggers a variety of emotions. To know which colours will appeal to your visitors, you must know your audience very well. This is where market research comes in.

McDonalds has already done much of the testing for you. It is certainly no coincidence that McDonalds uses the colors red and yellow. They did intensive research before determining that those were the colors that would attract the eye. Take a look as you are driving down the street.

There are now countless numbers of businesses who use red and yellow in their advertising.

Red is one of the most effective colors to use for your headlines and sub-headlines. Blue has proven to be the best color for links. However, like all of the other elements of your web page, you will need to perform your own testing.

As a web master, colour is definitely something you will want to research and test on your web site. It could mean the difference between a sale and a lost customer. More on website sales.


Offer a Strong Guarantee

Guarantees help to alleviate any anxiety that your potential customers may have.

Give your customers a risk-free guarantee. Let them know that they can take their time consuming your product and that if it doesn't work out for them, they can quickly return it, no questions asked. This may sound contradictory, but it's good business for you and for them.

Guarantees will increase sales. However, many people do not know that guarantees will reduce return rates as well. Therefore, they are a vital component of your sales letter.

A longer guarantee creates fewer returns than a shorter guarantee. A 90-day guarantee will produce fewer returns than a 30-day guarantee.

If you are truly marketing a quality product or service, then you should not be afraid to back it up with a 100%, no questions asked, lifetime money-back guarantee.

In addition, it has often been found that people return a product less when they are allowed to keep some bonus items even if the product is returned.

Here are a few techniques that have often been found to be successful in creating a guarantee:

- Circle the guarantee - Use a guarantee icon - Write your guarantee in your own handwriting. If a website has a user friendly web design layout, visitors will continue to return.


Believe it or not, the P.S is the second most important element of your sales page. Many of your visitors may not read your entire sales letter, but they will read your P.S. It is second only to the headline.

In fact, did you know that P.P.S. is the most important postscript.

Many successful online marketers use three postscripts. So, what do you say in a postscript?

Listed below are some important topics to cover in a P.S.

Use one that identifies your risk reversal guarantee. Use another to remind them of the urgency to take action now. Use another to inform them on how life will be without your product and how life will be improved with your product.

Images of Your Product

No matter what you are selling online, you can increase your conversion rates by using pictures of your products. This is especially true for e-books. So much of the online world is intangible. However, whenever you create a 3-d image of your product, you turn the intangible into tangible.

If you decide to do this, make sure you have your images created professionally. Nothing can kill sales like poor graphic design. More on web design basics.


Bullets are captivating, short, sweet, and pleasing to the eye. Not to mention, all of the top marketers, historic and present-day, use bullets. Clustered bullets offer a burst of benefits.

In your bullets, be sure to use the words, "you," "your,", and
"yours," rather than "I," "us," "our," or "we." By using possessive words, you transfer ownership and allow them to visualize owning your product.

Here are some phrases you can use to transfer ownership:

"Your widget will be delivered in 5 days..."
"You will receive... "
"You will learn... "
"You will discover... "

Tell a Story

Many people online forget that they're doing business with PEOPLE. It is often easy to forget that each and every one of your customers have emotions, thoughts, and ambitions, even though you never see them face-to-face.

Successful selling is dependent upon creating relationships. One of the most effective ways to develop a relationship with your customers is by telling a story. By telling a story within your sales copy, you become more human. You also establish credibility and develop rapport.

Your visitors are able to connect and relate with your experiences. Instead of thinking of you as a salesman, they think of you as someone who has had the same burdens, troubles, and even some of the same hopes and desires that they have.

By adding that personal touch.. that human factor.. you will have more fun in your business and increase your sales at the same time. More info on hiring a web designer.

Background Colour

The colour of your background is a very simple change that can instantly increase your conversion rate. The most effective background colours include white, dark blue, grey, and black. Of course, you will want to test this out for yourself to see which works best for you.

The optimal background colour can change depending on your target market. Remember, nothing beats your own testing.

Add Your Picture, Signature, and Contact Information

Post your online and offline contact information on your web site so that your customers know that your business is solid.

You should always have a phone-number on your site. What reason do people have to trust you if they cannot contact you? By adding your contact information to your site, you add an extra layer of credibility.

Don't worry about receiving tons of phone calls, most people are too afraid to pick up the phone and call someone new. However, for those that do, you will have the opportunity to truly help someone and create a lasting relationship with your customer.

By establishing yourself as someone who truly cares about your customers and takes the time to help them with any problem they might call in about, you develop a unique selling proposition that is extremely valuable online. Most online marketers simply aren't willing to go that extra mile.

Once you have implemented some of these strategies, test your sales copy on a small scale. Optimise your copy to it's fullest potential and then begin your major campaign.

Many online businesses do not test at all. They never optimise their sales letter, landing pages, or order forms. As a result, they are leaving money on the table.

I do not want you to make the same mistake!

Test Everything... Never Assume We offer a web design statistics package with all of our web hosting packages.

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