Website Redesign - April 2012

Redesign your Sunshine Coast website

Websites may become dated and in need of a new look.

Rebuilding your website from the ground up can be a daunting task. Looking at new designs, writing new content, thinking about website structure and sourcing new images can all take a lot of time and money. So instead of re-building your website, recreating your current site might be the way to go. look at your web design return.

Elegant websites

By utilising the basic structure and content of an existing website, you can achieve a new look and feel for your site in a very short amount of time. Sunshine Coast website designers can work with the current content and website layout to easily re-style what you already have. There is no need for designers or developers to wait on you for website content or images, meaning you can have a fresh new website in only a fraction of the time. More on Web Design Layout from 2004.

Web designs

Just because you have an existing website already populated with content and images, all displayed in a certain layout and structure, doesn’t mean a team of professional designers can’t re-work what’s there. A talented designer can work with your existing website, including sourcing new images, revamping the layout, and re-styling the look to create custom designed mock-ups that suit your company’s branding and personality. Read more from our Web design brand article from January 2010.

New website graphics, styles and layout updates

Sometimes all it takes to breathe some new life into your website is some new graphics, styles or a simple layout update. By avoiding a complete website rebuild you can also sidestep the arduous tasks of content writing and website architecture – this means you can have a fresh new website without taking the focus away from running your business on a daily basis.

At - web design sunshine coast, we work with our customers to design logos, business cards, brochures and all types of graphic design. We also provide a Style Manual to enable the customer to use the logo in different formats including newspaper advertisments.
Read more on images.

Cost effective websites

Many businesses have already invested a lot of time and money into building a website – it doesn’t make sense for them to completely start again when the website begins to tire. A contemporary face lift of your current website is often a better investment for your business. Re-doing your existing website involves a lower initial cost for what can often result in a website that matches or surpasses what would happen with a complete website rebuild. takes a good hard look at your business when we are asked to design your website. One of our first questions is: Why do you want a website? Our second question is: What do you want your website to do? More on web design customers.

Having a website without visitors?

The initial up-front cost of refreshing your website is lower than a complete rebuild. Couple this with an increased conversion of website visitors to customers and your new website will be making more money for your business. More on web design mistakes.

Sunshine Coast website without visitors?

A call to action is a brief, punchy piece of content that encourages visitors to act on their curiosity – by picking up the phone or sending an email enquiry. A call to action can be a simple written command – like the sentence ‘Join our mailing list’ on the Marque Restaurant homepage – or can take the form of a button, encouraging people to click.

E-Web Marketing’s Cheng uses as an example of a website that makes good use of buttons for its call to actions.

“It uses different colours and sizes for different particular actions they want to take,” she says. “The form on the right hand side has yellow buttons, and it communicates ‘Use these yellow buttons to make an enquiry.’ Whereas on the bottom, the ones that are ‘find out more’ are the blue buttons.”

This stands in stark contrast to the homepage for Citibank Australia. It features two call to actions, but neither is prominent.

“This is an example of where call to action buttons aren’t used as well as they could be,” says Cheng. “It has a lot of content, lots of colour, but you don’t really know what to do. The call to action I can see on this page straight away is ‘sign in to Citibank online’, which is just for existing leads. I think the main one should be ‘apply for Citibank products’; it’s not very obviously shown.”

A call to action should reinforce the purpose that you laid out for the website in the first place. The most core function of your website should have the strongest call to action. More on web design actions.

If your business website is in need of a new look, 12website web redesign service is a cost-effective solution. Call 12website on 0407 589 420 to speak to on of our consultants today.

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