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Adobe have chosen to end Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe Business Catalyst

If you are going to do business on the Sunshine Coast, you need to have a professional website in place to get your message out to the masses. Over the years, several platforms for the creation of business site have come into being, with Business Catalyst by Adobe, the creative minds behind Photoshop, being one of the most popular. As with all things in technology, the way in which people do business changes, and rather than focusing on continuing to grow this particular side of the business, Adobe have chosen to end Adobe Business Catalyst.

• Move Your Website

What does this news mean for those businesses who were already using services. The good news is that existing clients have until March 26th, 2020 to take care of their site and move it elsewhere. The bad news is that there is going to be a lot of work ahead for those businesses, as all the data that they have on the Adobe platform will need to be downloaded and transferred to another host before Business Catalyst ends. For website owners unfamiliar with such things, this may well prove to be adaunting task. Failing to make plans now can lead to issues in the future when the program ends and existing sites that have not moved are pulled down.

• Online Platforms

One of the reasons that Adobe gave for their decision to shut down Adobe Business Catalyst was that business owners are now moving to online CMS platforms that essentially allow you to take the DIY approach with creating a business website. There can be no denying that this is a trend that has been growing in recent years, but is it a smart move on the part of the business owners choosing to adopt that route. Each individual case is different, but if you are a website owner with little experience in design, how well do you think your site will function?

• Changing Trends in Website Design

Yes, it is possible to create a website that looks good and works well enough when you use these DIY services, but what happens when you run into some kind of issue. A website that looks modern today can quickly become outdated. Unless you are willing to stay on top of the fast changing trends in website design, are you going to be able to keep your site relevant? Even if you do follow the trends, are you going to have the time to make those changes as your business grows?

• Adobe Business Catalyst Ends in 2020

The best investment you can make when creating a business website is to leave it in the hands of the design professionals. They can quickly create a site that is totally unique, and which perfectly fits your business needs. They can also ensure that you always stay ahead of the game when new trends arrive. Now is the time to start thinking about putting your Sunshine Coast web design team to work, because when Adobe Business Catalyst ends in 2020, the demand for work is going to go through the roof, which means you may be forced to wait.

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