Managed Web Hosting at 1 2 Website Sunshine Coast vs Cloud Web Hosting vs Shared Web Hosting vs VPS Web Hosting

Different Types of Web Hosting

Managed Hosting

For Sunshine Coast websites, it will not take long for you to find different hosting platforms with different prices for their services. The key is to understand what your website needs, and you can then source the best web hosting that suits your situation and your budget.

This is especially true for WordPress sites as you will discover packages from different hosts that offer unique features, performances, and technical complexities that may seem challenging. In our experience, managed hosting is by far the best option. Over the 20 + years in this business, people have come to us to fix their hacked websites. This is a long process to repair them and then convince Google they are safe.

Website Hosting

Basically, this is the address where people can find the content of your website on the internet. Every website has a type of hosting. The hosting may be big or quite small. You can think of it as renting space for the information that you use to create the website, much like a retail store rents space inside the building.

For WordPress sites, you will need web hosting. Once that is completed, then people can visit your site from anywhere in the world. Different websites will have different needs.

• Shared Hosting:

This is where most people start because it tends to be the least expensive. Your website is placed on a server that also hosts other sites, thus the term “shared”. The main benefit is that this is the cheapest type of hosting available. Despite their low cost, they tend to have desirable features such as large storage and bandwidth. However, they also tend to have issue in terms of security, reliability, and overall performance. If you are just starting out, this may seem the best way to go.

However, when your website grows another type of hosting may be needed. People who choose these cheap options are the ones that come to us for us to fix their hacked websites. We then move them to our managed hosting where they have no more problems.

• Cloud Web Hosting:

Cloud and shared hosting are quite similar. The one big difference is that the resources of the host are not shared with any other website. It is all stored on the cloud. This means greater reliability, speed, and overall performance.

• 1 2 Website Managed Cloud Hosting:

This is an easier form of cloud hosting and the most secure. You sign up, either you or 1 2 website creates your website, and only pay a flat annual fee. There are several advantages to using this type of web hosting platform. Most notably the cost, security, and convenience. 1 2 Website manages all the security updates.

1 2 Website Managed WordPress Hosting

This is hosting that only focuses on WordPress sites. You can access your website analytics and you also have the convenience of going with a hosting service dedicated to WordPress. 1 2 Website manages all the security updates.

VPS Web Hosting

A step up from the cloud in the sense that this is a dedicated server to your website. You get improved security, although it is not as scalable as the cloud. This means that if your site is growing rapidly, the cloud may be a better choice. But once it settles, then VPS may be the way to go for increased security while retaining overall performance.

More advanced hosting services designed for large businesses or corporations include colocation in which you own not only the servers, but the hardware. Phone Neil: 0407 589 420.

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