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Shopping cart design for the Sunshine CoastIn order for an online business to make any money from their shopping cart, they need to make it as easy as possible for their customers to purchase. There is no point getting people into the sales funnel if they are only going to get stuck before they reach the bottom. The most effective way to get the customer what they want is to make the sales process as simple as possible is to have a killer shopping cart built into your site. This is a crucial element in the whole website design process, which is why it needs to be left in the hands of a Sunshine Coast web design pro. Here are a few things that a good shopping cart will have.

• Ecommerce security

A customer will only hand over their money if they trust what they see on the site, and that means giving them all the information they need before they buy. The more questions you leave unanswered, the more likely the customer is to head somewhere else. Offer up full product details, and let them know how long they can expect to wait before receiving their order. Another important aspect in regards trust is letting the customer know that their information is secure when they order. As much as ecommerce is on the rise, there are still plenty of people that do not trust the process. Make them aware of the security of your shopping cart software, and always make it clear that all of their information will be protected.

• Simple checkout

The entire checkout process should be quick and painless, so avoid adding extra steps that will slow things down and make people leave before they get done with the purchase.  Adding extras to the order is a good way to increase your earning potential, but these offers should come either before the checkout begins, or right after the sale is complete. In short, the customer should always be made to feel as though they are the one in control. The more pressure you put on them, the more likely it is they will opt out of the sale.

• Customers are king!

Information is critical when selling online, and that means keeping the customer in the loop at all times. Once the customer has made their way through the checkout process, it is up to you to keep them up to date on what is happening with their order. The easiest way to do that is to provide them with a tracking number once the order has been shipped. This will allow them to know where their package is at all times, and will prevent you from having to answer a ton of inquiries as to the location of all your shipments.

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• Follow up with a mailing list

The goal of your business should be to get the customer to come back again and again, so make sure to keep in touch with them after the fact. A mailing list is a good way to do that, so think about adding an e-mail form to the shopping cart so that you have their contact info. These few simple steps will make the whole sales process easier, and will help you get through the busy sales periods of the year, such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays.

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