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As we head into holiday season on the Sunshine Coast, we see an increase in visitors, some new visitors and many returning. The same should be the case for your web design, your website should enjoy steady growth of new visitors and cater for current customers. How do we keep them coming back? Web design / Sunshine Coast when operated properly are very similar. We offer new visitors an easy to navigate website and returning visitors current news, information and offers via our newsltters. We then monitor the result using among other vehicles our website marketing as shown in this article from June 2003. Now, before you start, as with everything in business, let us start with a plan.

PIMP. Plan Improvise Market Prosper.

Web design plan

Do your homework. If it is to cater for existing customers, what do they need and how much time are you / your team going to devote to it?

Personalise the experience. I follow a newsletter, with great content written by a "dizzy blonde type". She is not formal or corporate but provides great information. Rarely does the business tone work in a relaxed read, however that is something for you to research and provide a personal experience for your customers. If you read our web design research article, those ideas may be used for your newsletter.

Web design appearance

Just as your website looks good, so must your newsletter. Whats the first thing they see when it lands in their in box - From & Subject. Study the newsletters you receive, work out what appeals & what doesn't; then forget that. Ask your customers.

Similarly for the Subject line, offer them something they want to read, My News; 4th quarter 2009, may work for some accountants. Ask your customers.

Web design improvise

We use a template for the body of our newsletters. I suggest you do the same & have the same content in the same place every time. Where is the sports in a newspaper? Get the idea.

Now onto what you are going to say. A very successful real estate here on the Sunshine Coast uses a person with journalist experience. Suffice to say, make it relevant, with current info & make the reader want to read it again. This is rarely achieved the hour before it is to go to press or be published.

A great newsletter is one that is read - so focus on trends or what is the latest & greatest, breakthroughs, latest happenings & business opportunities. We suggest you follow some suggestions in our Web Sites Good Bad & Ugly guide.

Web Design Market / Advertise

We are all used to advertising however we suggest subtly and only advertise what is relevant to your content. You can find information on the internet (include your sources); advertising from newsletters you receive and current news from blogs, forums, facebook & twitter.

"You can't measure what you can't manage." Variations of this quote have been atributed to 7 authors by my research. All that aside, at 12website, our newsletter software allows the user to track their newsletters' performance. Play around with some variables:

  • 20% pictures versus 50% pictures
  • short & snappy versus long & involved
  • once a week versus once a month
  • delivered at 10am versus delivered overnight
  • delivered Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday versus Monday or Friday

Please use your favourite spell & grammer checker. If your newsletter is for Australian audiences, use the English dictionary. More on website advertising.

Web design prosper

Can it be that good that someone will want to forward it on? To us, that is the best compliment we can receive.

In conclusion, if you test & track your newsletter, it will compliment your business. If you don't have the time, don't bother as it may come back to bite you in the arse.

More on Sunshine Coast professional web design.

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