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How to convert website visitors to buyers? Before visitors buy from you they need to trust your business. At web design Sunshine Coast we design functional professional websites that people trust. More on web design trust from January 2008.

Are you trying to show potential customers that you are a legitimate business? Do you want customers to browse longer? Would you like to increase brand awareness? Are you concerned about shopping cart abandonment? As a commercial business with a professional web design, ask yourself why people buy from Amazon. More on web design for customers.

Most commercial webpages are all about getting conversions. Whether its encouraging viewers to make email enquiries, bookings, online sales or newsletter sign-ups, improving your conversions ratio is the name of the game.

To look at this logically, start to analyse your website with the following. More on Web Design Statistics.

Web design to show the features

* What are the 5-10 most attractive features of your product? Or why should somebody buy your product? Or what is it about your product that makes it worthwhile that somebody should buy it?

Web design to satisfy the needs

* What needs of your prospective customer do these features satisfy? What benefits does it offer? What is in it for the customer to purchase your product? (Your customers buy based on benefits not features)

Identify your customers

Also you need to sell strategically. In strategic selling, you begin by identifying your best possible customer market, and concentrating on it single-mindedly.

The mistake that most salespeople make is that they attach the same value to every prospect. One prospect may be a hundred times worth the value of another prospect. Try to answer the following questions:

* Who is exactly your customer?
Who buys your product or service right now?
* Who might be buying it in the future?
* Who bought it in the past?

Based on these questions, you can find your best market, and concentrate on it, rather than trying to sell to anybody that comes your way. You need to identify who is the best candidate to buy from you, and then concentrate on them.

Armed with this web design analysis you can now begin your actions

If it is all about webpage conversions, here is your list.

Calls to Action

It's crucial to have clear and strong calls to action on the right places of your site. Offering an incentive to your visitors, such as a free sample service or information product is a great way of encouraging them to complete a call to action.

Trust and Credibility

Visitors to your Web site want to feel assured that your company is authentic and credible. Displaying logos of companies you work with can be a great way for site visitors to quickly recognise that you are trustworthy. If you have a secure payment page on your site, it's a great idea to display a security logo so visitors don't feel uncomfortable submitting their details. Think about displaying any awards or publicity your business may have received, as well as customer testimonials.

Focus on your Customer

When writing Web site content, it's easy to spend a lot of time focusing on your business and what you can offer customers. However, you're more likely to attract customers and secure that conversion if you make your site visitors the centre of attention. What benefits are your potential customers really looking for? Personalise your text and address the readers' needs, desires, goals and frustrations, then show that the services you offer meet those requirements.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

To work out how your conversions are doing, you need to track them. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools provide powerful free online services that, in our opinion, all commercial sites should be signed up to. In particular, Google Analytics also allows you to set up 'Goals' to view conversion ratios and information, which can provide invaluable data.

Make your Home Page Count

On average, Web site visitors spend 2 to 7 seconds on a home page before deciding whether or not it meets their requirements. Ensure your home page can quickly and effectively explain the service or product you offer. Display eye-catching images of your products and write succinct content that neatly sums up what you can offer your customers. Also think carefully about your content pages, many site visitors will be delivered to a content page direct from a search engine, so it's a good idea to repeat your unique selling points and calls to action on every key page.

At 12website.com.au - web design sunshine coast, we have written a number of articles over the years on your homepage. We encourage you to read our first article from 2003 when there was no "flash" or "RSS" and compare that to our article from 2009.
Your home page 2003.
Your home page 2006.
Your home page 2008.
Your home page 2009.

There are many great techniques to help you get ahead in the conversion game. If you are serious about increasing your conversions in 2011, contact us and we'll throw around some ideas with you.


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