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Business Website Development: The Key Elements


We are now in a time where there is no excuse for a business to not have some sort of online presence, or a website developer. Even the smallest business in Maroochydore or other parts of the Sunshine Coast needs to be online if they want to get ahead of the competition. The average consumer finds everything they need by accessing the internet via a PC or smartphone, and if you don’t show up in a Google search when they look for what they need, those consumers are going to go to the competition. Now that we agree that your business needs a website developed, we need to answer what elements should be used within the design.

• Website Development

There are many different website builders (Content Management Systems or CMS) available online that allow you to take a DIY approach, but even the simplest of mistakes could leave you lost in the crowd. For example, getting your headline wrong could mean never showing up in a Google search. This is why you should turn to a professional Maroochydore website development company to help you create an online presence. They will put together something specific to your needs, and while no two sites are the same, there are some elements that every site should have.

• Website Navigation

The most obvious key element is a menu that is clear and easy to navigate. The general rule of thumb here is that people should be able to find what they want in 2 clicks or less within your site pages. The design should also be visually pleasing, which is not something that routinely happens when you go it alone. Certain colour combinations work well, while others don’t, and the placement of text and images needs to be just right so that the entire website can maintain a clear, easy to follow flow.

• Blog

No matter what type of business website you are running, content is king. If you have sales copy on your site, have it professionally written, as this will yield the best results. You always want to keep your site current, which is why a blog is also a good idea. This space gives you the opportunity to talk about the service and products that you offer, while also showing you to be an expert in your chosen industry. Blog pieces should not be used as a hard sell, but rather as a way to entertain and inform, and to help consumers put a face to your business.

Neil Parker

• Website Planning

Finally, if you are planning on making your business website a place where you sell products, you need to make the sales process as straightforward as possible. Building an ecommerce site that makes it easy for consumers to quickly get what they need can be tough, but the web design pros can make it look easy. You do not want your customers to jump through hoops to get what they want, which is why a streamlined ecommerce process is an absolute must for any company looking to do business online.

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