To blog or not to blog | June 2015

A blog can become a valuable addition to a business website

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Most small business owners are now well aware that a website is an essential part of their business. That said, there are still too many Sunshine Coast businesses who have a site that looks great, but which doesn’t do as much for them as it could. Having a great web design is a nice first step, but you also want a place that people will come back to time and again. Simply having contact information and a list of services is not something that will make anyone want to return. This is where a blog can become a valuable addition to a business website.

• Social media plays a huge role in getting their website seen

Small businesses that understand modern marketing know that social media plays a huge role in getting their website seen. In order to get the most out of social media, though, you need to have something to share. If part of your web development includes adding a blog to your site, you automatically have a place where you can add information that is just waiting to be shared. People love sharing content, and if you have something that really hits home, your brand will spread like wild fire, with your visitors essentially doing your marketing for you.

• Actively creating and sharing content via your blog.

Social media is now playing a bigger role than ever in the way in which search engines like Google deliver relevant results. This means that you can get you website on the first page of search results if you are actively creating and sharing content via your blog. It also helps that you have more site pages indexed on the major search engines with every piece of content that you deliver. That, too, helps with ranking, and also helps situate you as an authority in your chosen niche or industry. People automatically trust websites that rank well in the search engines.

• Businesses that serve a specific community in the Sunshine Coast

One of the mistakes that business owners make is that they believe a blog to be a little too personal for a business website. It is actually that personal touch that you should be trying to deliver when talking to your customers. Small businesses in particular do not want to be viewed as a faceless entity. This is particularly true of those businesses that serve a specific community in the Sunshine Coast. You want to be able to have a personal relationship with the people that regularly use your business, and a blog on your website is an excellent way to do so.

• Talk your professional website designer

Neil ParkerIf you talk your professional website designer, they can tell you about the SEO (search engine optimisation) benefits of having a blog. They will also be able to provide you with real world results that can prove how the addition of a blog can help boost your business. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, the internet has made it easier for more competitors to go up against you. If you want to stay ahead of them and keep your customers happy in the process, then you need to deliver a website that is designed for the people you serve.

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