Web Design Major Points - Feb 2011

Web Design Sunshine Coast

At web design Sunshine Coast we alert our customers to this: People read text off a computer screen at about 1/4th the speed that they do paper. This important fact tells us that we should keep what we want to say on the web concise I.E. compressed into a small area.

There are minor and major factors in web design on the Sunshine Coast that impact on your business. Let's work on the big picture - the major factors.

Major Point 1

Customer focused web design

Look at your business through the eyes of your best customer and consider a design that suits them. Run your ideas by some of your customers. Do not just go out and do it without some consultation. More on Web design for your customers.

Major Point 2

Simple but elegant web design

Please use text and images on the web pages that reflect that section of the website. Don't add distracting moving images or blinking text. We may add in some cases an image that blends into another image but we do it gracefully. Equally use simple text that describes a link to another page or section. More on simple website links.

Major Point 3

Well structured web design

If you or the search engines direct a visitor to a page on helicopter parts; make very sure that page does just that - tells the visitor what they want to know about helicopter parts & then direct them to further resources about helicopter parts.

When you title your page please use 'helicopter parts' not 'bits that make whirly birds fly'. Structure is covered in our web design checklist.

Major Point 4

No pain web design

Allow everyone to view your web pages with what they have on their computer. It needs to work in older versions of Internet Explorer and the other browsers. Some large businesses do not upgrade their networks of say 100 plus computers because of the technician costs. Internet Explorer is free but the time the engineer spends on their server is not! Similarly do not force a visitor to download something special to hear or see what is on your pages. Plugins are discussed in web design future.

Major Point 5

Modern web design

In 2011 we have web designs that look great and do not take a long time to download onto your computer. Do not select a design that looks great if it takes a long time to appear on your screen. This is covered in detail in our new website article from April 2008.

Major Point 6

Friendly web design

The major search engines have reams of information on what to include in your web design. Do not try to fool them. Your website will become invisible. Search is also discussed in web design future.

Major Point 7

Social media

Please include links to your profile on Facebook or LinkedIn if you are prepared to maintain this daily. Do not use this if it is a set and forget. Discussed at length in 'Web design social' from September 2009.

Major Point 8

Flash web design

Flash in small non critical area of your website is ok if you are sure your audience has the flash plugin. Do not use it for your complete homepage or navigation. Those without the plugin will never see your business. More about web design using flash.

Major Point 9

Complete web design

Publish your completed website with the ability to add extra areas and pages to it later. Do not use 'almost these', 'under construction' or 'come back soon'. That's like a newspaper with no news. Read more on this in Web design steps.


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