Web Design Tips September 2010

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How many chances do you get at a good first impression?

At 12website - web design Sunshine Coast, we believe your website is the first impression many potential customers gather about your business.

I've made it easy with some dot points and I'll expand on those later.

  • Info for visitors
    1. who you are
    2. what you do
    3. where you are located
    4. how to contact you

  • Your web design must be
    2. appealing
    3. logical
    4. able to answer questions instantly
    5. impressive

  • Balanced text and relevant pictures

  • Visitors scan

Web design information

People deal with people and need to know
1. who you are before they can trust you with their hard earned dollars.
2. what you do so you can supply what they need. (If you can't, you or your staff have not wasted time on one of those phone calls)
3. where you are located if they need a physical product or do you have the ability to ship that product to the customer
4. how to contact you - make it as easy as possible to establish a relationship with your customers. More on web design for customers.

Web design impression

An impression is made by the visitor in the first eight seconds of viewing a website. In our experience overseas and on the Sunshine Coast your web design must be
1. fast i.e. quick to load or people leave. If that large flash animation or an overly complicated picture slows it down; leave it out.
2. appealing to your target market i.e. do some brand research and see what works - you can't be all "things" to all people. More on branding.
3. logical links are those that say what the customer will see when they click on them
4. able to answer questions instantly and honestly streamlines your business and satisfies visitors
5. impressive and professional - a sleek overall "look" that instils confidence.
More on professional web design.

Web design balance

Balanced text and relevant pictures is the ongoing battle between some web developers and some graphic artists. At web design Sunshine Coast we have no such battles, both sides of the web development work together to produce a result for our customers.

Text must be formatted correctly; simple and understandable with a continuity of font, colour and size.

Pictures including faces of real people personalise your website. Our graphic design will catch your attention and not overpower you.

White spaces provide a web design with the necessary "gaps" to separate the individual points. People don't lose track of where they are.

More on web design balance.

Web design that understands how visitors view a web page

Visitors scan quickly for what they need. Yes, but how?
Some studies indicate that a web site is scanned in an "F" way. What does this mean? The top area is scanned horizontally, and the middle area and lower one is scanned only on the left side- vertically. This is supported by a US study covered in more detail in web design for eye contact.

What is the most valuable real estate on a web site?

The upper-left corner is gold - it is the "spot" on the page where the visitor starts from - where the eye tends to focus. This is the case in most of the western world where the first language is English. This is where we start from in newspapers and books.

It is different in other languages namely Japanese, Chinese & languages from the Middle East where they have a different starting point. This ties in directly with "know your market".

You only get one chance for a good first impression? Don't waste it.
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