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Sunshine Coast Web Design Identity

At web design Sunshine Coast we focus on not only the web design but the complete picture. Wikipedia defines "Corporate identity" as "persona" of a corporation by way of branding or use of trademarks.

Web Design Image

Yes, you may not be a corporation - yet - however your web design must tie in with your image or identity. "To be in the mind of the consumer when the consumer wants your product or service" is a mantra of successful businesses. It also extends to the corporate personality which may be developed in the first stages of development. More in web design checklist.

Web Design Brand

One of the first steps is to create a logo for your customers to associate with your business. Branding then extends to your tag line, website, business cards, letterheads, and any other promotional materials that you might need.

If you think about Nike, what comes to mind? I can guarantee that most of you just pictured a check mark in your head. This is because Nike has spent a lot of time and money to ensure that their logo and "just do it" tag line have been set into the minds of consumers for years. This is just one example of why branding is so important. Without a brand image to quickly associate your business with, you are instantly out of the minds of consumers.

If you can provide consumers with a lasting memory of your identity, then yours will be the first business that will come to mind when they see that image or logo. It will also allow them to spread the word about your business much easier. Sometimes people remember logos better than the names of businesses. More in web design brand.

Web Design Business Plan

The first thing we suggest about identity; before you begin selecting a logo or other merchandise, is that you may want to consider a business plan.

Once you have an idea for your logo, talk to us and we will work with you to design the image and extend that to your business cards, letterhead, and other promotional items.

We provide marketing services based on marketing research and help you choose a logo, tag line, and merchandise that create an effective business identity.

While you may spend some money by using 12website or another company, it will be well worth it when your business has a successful identity and your traffic and sales increase. While you are new to the idea of identity, a professional company has had years of experience helping businesses get their start. More in web design plan.

Developing a Logo

The first step that a marketing service company will introduce you to, is the development of a logo. This is an important step in identity, because it creates an image that will always be associated with your business.

A logo can be serious, humorous, or just about anything else that you like. It can communicate to consumers what type of services or goods that you offer, your quality of service, or any other important information. It is essential that you choose a logo that can't be interpreted the wrong way.

Whilst McDonalds logo is shaped as an M, may logos are abstract, Nike's tick, Commonwealth Bank's square or BHP Billiton's blobs.

It is also important to choose a logo that makes a statement about your company, and is not just a random choice. The more content you are with your brand image, the better your potential customers will react to it.

Completing your Identity

In order to effectively identify your business in the, you need to display your logo and brand image consistently on and in all your marketing efforts. Your business's letterhead, business cards, and any other promotional items used should reflect the logo and brand image that has been created.

If you are inconsistent, your attempt at corporate branding will fail. Corporate branding is becoming increasingly popular with local small businesses and large corporate companies as well. When you associate a specific logo, image, or motto with your business, the consumers are more likely to recognise your brand as one they know and trust.

Remember though, that it cannot be done alone and that is best to enlist the help of a professional marketing service when working on this strategy.

More on this at a web design steps.

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