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- February 2014

Selling goods and services over the Web

Neil ParkerIf you would like to update your website in house, add new prices, products or features then a content management system, also know as CMS is just for you.

Like computers, Windows, Mac or Linux, there are many choices for a CMS. The best content management system is the one that suits your needs. We use all the major ones: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, E107 and Adobe Business Catalyst. Horses for courses. Do you prefer an iPad or an Android tablet. As far as ecommerce platforms go, again too many choices. Oscommerce, Open Cart, Magneto, Joomla Cart, WooCommerce, Exchange, Shopp, WP e-Commerce all have great features. 9 times out of 10 Oscommerce will do a fantastic job!

If you have an online business and you are really determined to meet all the objectives you have set for your company then you must consider the importance of web design to your business. There are various aspects which you have to keep in mind when it comes to your business particularly on its website.

Business websites

It is necessary to make sure that everything is correct. (You'd be surprised.) The website of your business will connect you to your target clients so ensuring that it is professional, and functioning well is your first priority.

Talk to a company where English is their first language, they value your ongoing business and they answer the phone should you have any questions.

We offer web designing services on the Sunshine Coast. As a complete service we are your 1 stop shop for the entire process.

What We Do

Working Websites and Computers

We handle the entire website and online marketing needs.
We troubleshoot any computer needs.

Websites for personal or businesses with up to 25 employees.
Mobile friendly, responsive, professional web design. Responsive website in that it responds to the size of the screen viewing the website, mobile, tablet, iPad or computer.

• Content Management Websites where the website may be updated by the owner or 12website.
• Websites where the website may be updated only by 12website.
• Shopping Carts
• Online News
• Blogs

Domain Names and Website Hosting
Business Social Network Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation – on the first page of Google
Business Email – a business may stop using e.g.
Email newsletters. Bulk email that works – with tracking and statistics on how may emails are opened and click throughs from the email.
Computer and IT Troubleshooting

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