Web Design Tips October 2010

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How to start the web design process.

Web design is your face to the world. You know everything about working in your business. Web design is about working on your business. When you meet an accountant - do they say "I'm an accountant" (run) or do they say "I help you save tax" (interested).

Web design is about getting someone interested long enough to stick around & find out more. Step back from your business, find your "ask me more statement" and portray that on your home page. our first home page article from 2003.

1. Web design is after all design

On the web potential customers do "judge a book by it’s cover", online, appearance is the most important thing after search placement.

If your site doesn’t look right on first impression, visitors won’t stick around long enough to find out if what you’re offering is relevant to their search term. The very fact that Google has recently introduced Instant Preview – a function to allow searchers to vet websites according to a thumbnail of their homepage – is proof of this. More on your brand.

2. Web Design Sunshine Coast is about more than just looks

Design doesn’t just refer to the way your homepage looks. It helps to think of your website as a structure, like a building.

It’s design is like the architectural blueprints and floor plans of a house. In the same way you need to consider which way the door to each room opens, you need to make sure that each page on your site links to the others in a logical way. This is easier to stay on top of if you remember that less is more with web design. Start with the basics and work your way up.

More on understanding website navigation or website links.

3. Can web design use flash?

Flash may look great, but it’s not very practical. When people visit your site, they want to be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily; lavish animation just presents another barrier. At web design sunshine coast we have a browser on 1 computer that does not have the flash plugin. That is after all the way search engine robots view the page. If you are using flash as your navigation - the search engine spiders can't see their way to the other pages and you will not get the recognition you deserve. More on web design using flash from October 2007.

4. Web design mess

Don’t have too much on your homepage. Having a cluttered page is going to scare your buyer away. A busy page is like a messy room: uninviting. If there is space for your homepage to breathe, it’s more likely that your visitors will stay for the 3-5 seconds it takes for them to figure out if your business is relevant to them or not. More about web design identity.

5. Web design first impression

As with email newsletters, the most important part of your entire website isn’t just your homepage – it’s the part of it that visitors see as soon as they arrive. The ‘fold' is the cut-off point for their very first look at your homepage, before they start scrolling down and exploring. It’s vital that the information that appears above the fold shows them that they’ve come to the right place.

Use this information wisely focus on web design for your customers and you will enjoy success.


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