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- September 2013

Web Design Security

Secure websites through smart web design

Security has once again been highlighted with the attack on the New York Times. At web design sunshine coast i.e. 1 2 website, we take website security very seriously. If your website is hacked it can spread viruses to your visitors and permanently tarnish your reputation. More on how to Plan Your Web Design.

Most web security comes down to lack of maintenance. Do you maintain your car or bike; maintain your body with food & drink; maintain your business ... the list goes on and on. The 1 hour per month you spend either maintaining your website yourself or paying a web professional is not just money well spent - it is essential. The code powering your website is continually evolving and needs in most cases a simple application of a patch or two. More on Web Design Basics.

After the initial consultation we draw on our 15 years of web design experience and offer you the best solution for your needs. (No other web design company on the Sunshine Coast has 15 + years’ experience in web design, websites and web development.) What to look for in a Sunshine Coast web design company.

Many websites are powered by a Content Management Systems (CMS) and or a shopping cart. at web design sunshine coast i.e. 1 2 website, we offer the choice of 4 CMS and 2 shopping carts. Two of the more popular are WordPress and Joomla. In most cases WordPress offers a simpler updating and security process. More on your website Content Management System.

If you are concerned you may check your web site statistics or Google Analytics for traces of illegal activity. More on Web Design Statistics or tracking who visits your website & where they come from.

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