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As a home-based business owner, you probably don't have a high-priced IT manager on staff.

Someone to fill you in on which
technologies could help boost your efficiency and success.

You may also lack the confidence to incorporate new technology into your home office, particularly if that technology is unfamiliar.

The reality, however, is that there are technologies out there right now which could save you money and help your
business run smoothly. Below are just a few examples.


Networking is basically the connecting of multiple computers so that users can easily share and access files and programs on other computers. Most companies use computer networking
to help their workers get their tasks done effectively. If your home has multiple computers you can network them as well to receive similar benefits.There is also info here on web design network.

Networking can save you money. For one, you only need a single printer or scanner because all of your home computers can use the same one. You can also save on Internet fees. If you use a broadband connection, home networking will allow you to use one connection for all of your home computers.

Another benefit is that many pieces of software can also be shared between computers so you don't have to buy multiple copies.

To establish a simple network in your home, each computer needs to be outfitted with a network adapter. Today, many come with these right out of the box. You will also need to purchase the necessary cable and hardware; the equipment you need varies depending on the type of network you decide to
establish. If you are in the Brisbane or Sunshine Coast area Get in touch with 12website for assistance.

You can use your existing phone line, install an Ethernet network, or create a wireless network. While the prices vary for all of these types of networks, all of them are affordable for most budgets.

Remote Access

As you may have realised, working from home often means being tied to your computer and that can significantly limit your mobility, even if you use a laptop. Remote access technology changes all that.

Remote access technology will allow you to work with all of the files and programs on your primary computer even if you are a hundred miles away from your office. If you are on vacation, on a business trip, at the park with your children, at a coffee shop, or wherever, you can keep waiting, keep checking your email, and keep communicating with your customers and clients.

Never being tied to your desk again simply requires you to purchase remote access software. Some of the programs, such as Norton's pcAnywhere (http://www.symantec.com/pcanywhere), are available for outright purchase.

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