A site that is well designed, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate - September 2014

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Mobile app design qldDesigning a website your audience will appreciate can be a daunting task! When a user finds a website to be cluttered, confusing and clunky, you are going to have a hard time getting that user to come back for more.

Conversely, when you work hard to create a site that is well designed, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, you set yourself up for repeat visits to your online storefront. Often the most difficult part in beginning a web redesign is not knowing where to start. Today we will show you how to navigate your web design process in just five easy steps:

Step one: Discovery. The discovery meeting is a kick-start to your web design initiatives; it helps clarify the wants and needs for your websites functionality and design.

Step two: Brainstorming. After you’ve discovered your website goals, it’s time to brainstorm how those goals will be reflected in the design. A good brainstorming session will help refine internal and external perspectives that eventually shape the outcome of your website.

Step three: Wire framing. Before you get into the details of design it’s imperative to develop the layout of your website through wire framing. This pre-design exercise is important for establishing content hierarchy, particularly with responsive design.

Step four: Creative Design. Time to put your ideas into action! When designing keep in mind thats it’s not just about the aesthetics. Implementing a design that revolves around an easy to follow navigation will ensure that your site becomes an online store front that your users are bound to return to.

Step five: Development. Develop for all devices. Approximately 67% of users say that they are more likely to purchase a product or service from a site that is mobile friendly.

Neil Parker

Focus on developing for the user, not the device to ensure that your website is accessible anywhere, anytime. Your website design critically impacts the way customers perceive your brand.

The experience a user has on your site determines whether or not they find you to be credible, reliable, and worthy of their business.

Now that you’ve navigated through our web design process, it’s time implement these steps into your web journey!

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