Make your websites mobile friendly | November 2015

When people use mobile phones to browse websites

Mobile websites save money Sunshine Coast

Want to reach a large scope of customers worldwide? Make your websites mobile friendly by transforming them into mobile websites. Generally, most consumers make use of their mobile devices for longer hours a day compared to their laptops and PCs. In fact, the majority of internet use

  • · From 10 pm to 8 am is from smart phones
  • · From 8 am to 6 pm is from desktop or laptop computers.
  • · From 6 pm to 10 pm is from tablets or iPads and a high percentage whilst watching TV.

While the majority of the internet users access websites using their mobile devices, it is best for businesses and companies to make their websites accessible to any mobile device. In this way, they could reach all of their potential customers who may bring more sales to their business.

• Increase in your return on investment

Among the popular website providers who can make your business site mobile friendly is the team from 12 Website. Our company comprises a team of professional IT staff who can design beautiful websites that work. We facilitate our customers’ pages layout and designs to make an interactive website that assures the increase in your return on investment.

• Any mobile screens such as on iPad, iPhones, tablet and Android

Mobile websites designed by our company’s skilled web designers are integrated, clean, fast as well as easy to navigate in any mobile devices. Good mobile website designs are those that are very much accessible to any mobile screens such as on iPad, iPhones, tablet and Android devices. The websites are easy to navigate providing internet users’ a fast and convenient online shopping experience.

• Why Transform Your Website into Mobile Site?

There are lots of advantages in transforming your business website into mobile site. The following are the list of benefits you can have for getting your site accessible to mobile devices:

  • · Mobile websites generally improve internet users’ surfing experience. Most consumers nowadays make use of their smart phones, connected to a wireless or mobile network to search for businesses that could provide them with their shopping needs. Of course, customers will more likely opt for websites that can provide them with a convenient shopping experience without accessing bulky devices such as their laptops to do their online shopping anytime and anywhere they are.
  • · Visitors likely consume a lot of time using their mobile phones which also leads to an increased average time staying in mobile sites. Mobile sites that engage mobile users enable them to navigate website pages easily & make them more likely purchase the available goods or services.
  • · Good mobile sites allow faster website load speed. Visitors mostly abandon web pages that are slow to load. Transforming your site into a mobile friendly portal could be of a great advantage as mobile sites are generally faster to load.
  • · Mobile sites lead to improved mobile SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. If you want higher rankings in major search engines, we redesign your site have an improved mobile SEO. Relying on our skilled webmasters to design responsive mobile sites is a great advantage in improving your ranking in the major search engines e.g. Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Neil ParkerTake your business to the next level by making your official business site mobile friendly.




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