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Included in this reference section is a link to all the web design and website design Sunshine Coast news and tip articles.

Plus we will feature an introduction to some articles which may suit your particular need.

Responsive websites

When our customers on the Sunshine Coast talk websites most are asking

  • "Will my new website work on a computer, tv, mobile phone or Ipad?"
  • "Can I update my website myself?"

Now we can say yes to both web design questions with responsive websites.

Web design homepages

At 12website.com.au - web design sunshine coast, we have written a number of articles over the years on your homepage. We encourage you to read our first article from 2003 when there was no "flash" or "RSS" and compare that to our article from 2009.
Your home page 2003.
Your home page 2006.
Your home page 2008.
Your home page 2009.

Web design graphics

At 12website.com.au - web design sunshine coast, we work with our customers to design logos, business cards, brochures and all types of graphic design. We also provide a Style Manual to enable the customer to use the logo in different formats including newspaper advertisments.
Read more on images.

Web design customers
12website.com takes a good hard look at your business when we are asked to design your website. One of our first questions is: Why do you want a website? Our second question is: What do you want your website to do? More on web design customers

Website payment solutions
If a customer cannot trust their hard earned dollars to your shop, you are wasting your money and our time.

Why have a website?
A website makes your business accessible anytime, anywhere.

The rapid growth in the use of the Internet.. More

Website Links
The links within your website that enable you to move from web page to web page are known as your navigation. Navigation must be simple. More Info

Smarter Marketing
An accountant once told me that he never met anyone who didn't want to make 30% more money.
Read more

Business marketing
Many small businesses work hard to attract clients and
However their marketing is often full of holes. Read more

Website Success
There are some fundamental questions around your website and technology strategy that should be addressed to ensure success.
Read More

Website Advertising
When people come to your website, you have already got their attention. They want to do something. They want detail. They want facts. Read more

Ecommerce Web design is about anticipating your visitors needs.

If visitors encounter difficulties on your site or lack enough information to buy you will lose a sale. Read more

Fast Profit or Fast Talk
Often times, we're told that we can strike it big if we join an opportunity early. How many times have you received email inviting you to join a brand-new opportunity -- one that's "sure" to be a success? Read more.

Home Business
As a home-based business owner, you probably don't have a high-priced IT manager on staff. Someone to fill you in on which technologies could help boost your efficiency and success. Read more.

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