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Major search engines understand how the way in which people access the internet is changing

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You often hear about how Google makes changes to their algorithms so that they can deliver more relevant results to the people that use their search engine. They are usually very close lipped about exactly what those changes are, but we can usually get a general idea of what has to be done in order to keep your website at or near the top of the results when a relevant search terms is used. What is known now is that mobile friendly websites will definitely help your cause, as Google and all the other major search engines understand how the way in which people access the internet is changing. This was an article on Mobile websites Sunshine Coast from March 2014.

• Website owners on the Sunshine Coast

It wasn’t so very long ago that website owners on the Sunshine Coast and beyond would simply have one single site that would be their lone web presence. As smartphones started to dominate the landscape, these owners saw that they had to evolve or fall behind their competitors, which is why many decided to operate a second site devoted totally to mobile users. What they quickly found, though, was that maintaining both sites was a bigger hassle than they first thought. It also didn’t help that screen sizes were constantly changing, making frequent changes an absolute necessity.

• Responsive web design

The good news here, though, was that website designers were on top of the ball, and were able to find a way to make a single site that could cover all the bases. The way this as done was by using something called responsive design. A small piece of code inserted into the website made it possible for the design to automatically adjust to the size of the screen that it was being viewed on. This helped make sites mobile friendly, and also stopped the owners having to worry about updating content on more than one site. More on responsive design.

• Professional web designer

While this all sounds relatively simple in theory, the fact of the matter is that things can get very quickly messed up if a professional web designer is not on the job. There are a number of common mistakes that can be made that will essentially render your website useless, and you can find yourself sifting through a tone of code in search of an error that would never have happened if you had just left it to the pros in the first place.

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• Want your website to be found?

The simple fact of the matter is that if you want your website to be found via the major search engines, you need to be aware of the importance that mobile friendly sites now play in making that happen. Your Sunshine Coast web professionals can look at your existing setup and find ways to get you up to date with the latest in mobile technology. Web design, especially for mobile, is constantly evolving as new technology gets released. If you are not on top of the changes, you may find that your search engine ranking starts to sink like a stone.

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