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- February 2013

Websites visual simplicity 2013

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Websites in 2013

Shall we look at how visual content will shape web design and websites in 2013, Sunshine Coast and the world at large?

With increased internet speeds, we are all able to share videos and pictures. This translates into visual simplicity as shown in Face Book & Instagram.

At web design Sunshine Coast we are constantly monitoring trends. Any decent website will still need content that addresses the user’s needs. However visual simplicity is becoming the desired communication method.

From a design standpoint you don’t need to look beyond sites and services such as Pinterest to see that people want visual content.

An extension of this is instead of writing a manual, you could develop a video and post it on YouTube. In years gone by this would have been developed in flash however in 2013 You Tube is definitely the standard. In our June newsletter we have examples of how Flash should not be used on your website. More on Web Design Flash.

The current trend in Web design takes a cue from this desire for visual scanning and marries it with the need for simplicity and white space. Data visualisation will become a renewed art form. Keep things simple.

Tablet optimisation becomes the mobile standard. Over the last few years we have been talking about optimising websites for the mobile device.

The new generation of mini tablets are going to impact responsive design and what we’ve been calling mobile devices. Tablets and mini tablets will see a tremendous jump in consumer usage and become the de facto design standard for mobile content. That doesn’t mean mobile phone size browsers aren’t important, it means there will eventually need to be a divide in how we address tablets vs. phones.

We recommend a responsive websites, as this displays equally well on a mobile phone or tablet / ipad.

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