Web Redesign - March 2004

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If you have an existing website and it's not bringing in sales like you expected, check out our web redesign service. We are based on the Sunshine Coast servicing clients world wide.

The purpose of a site review is to help people like you identify why your site isn't converting visitors to buyers. More importantly, a site review will show you how to turn your site around. If this is something you're struggling with, sign up today: Get in touch with 12website

Of all of the websites I've designed for various clients, about half of them have been redesigns of existing websites.

Clients from the Sunshine Coast: Chile; USA; New Zealand & Australia.

In the early days of the web, most companies were concentrated on developing their very first websites. But now, since so many people already have existing sites, much of the focus of web development has shifted toward redesigns instead.

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12website will organise your web redesign process. Redesigning an existing website involves slightly different considerations than developing a brand new website.

For one thing, companies that have existing websites have had a chance to see what works and what doesn't about their current web site. Recognising that asset can help you significantly in launching an effective web redesign.

If you've had a website for two or three years and are considering a redesign, here are three top tips to help with your

1) Identify problem areas in your current website.

Launching into a redesign without having a clear idea of what improvements need to be made won't be beneficial. In order to be effective, you'll need to be intentional about identifying what needs to be improved.

So before you get caught up in planning your new web site, take some
time to analyze your current site. Identify problem areas and think through any elements your current website lacks.

Here are some questions to get you started:

- Does your website spur visitors to take action?

- Have you given visitors enough information to enable them to confidently make a decision to buy?

- Is your site organized clearly and logically?

- Have you addressed the emotional needs of your visitors through both the appearance and content of your website?

- Does your site exhibit a professional appearance?

These kinds of questions will help you evaluate the shortcomings of your current site and will help you plan effectively for your website redesign.

If you need to, bring in some help from a professional. It's not always easy for site owners themselves to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their websites. If you're not sure exactly where your problems areas are, get a professional third party to help you.

2) Lay out a game plan for fixing the problem areas you've identified.

Although it's good to identify what the problems are, labeling them doesn't help in and of itself. You have to establish a plan for how to solve those issues.

Generally speaking, that's easier said than done. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out an effective solution to a problem you're facing.

But that's exactly why it's so important to define a game plan
BEFORE you start your redesign--otherwise, your new site will
just have a new facade to cover over the same problems.

When you're writing down your game plan (and yes, you should
write it down), be specific. Don't try to get away with
generalizations--explain exactly how you want to deal with each
issue you've identified.

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3) Clearly define your goals for what a redesign should accomplish.

Aside from addressing problem areas, there will probably also be new initiatives you want to take with your new site. You need to have a good idea of the overall purpose of your site and where you're headed. What results are you aiming for?

Remember, redesigning for the sake of redesigning is a waste of time and money. Before you ever develop any design concepts for your new site, be clear on your focus and your goals.