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Annual Noosa Art Award QLD

Neil ParkerMany people tend to think of art as being confined to paint and sculpture, but the fact is that it encompasses all manner of different mediums. This is no more apparent than when the annual Noosa Art Award QLD is handed out to a gifted artist each year. The awards are presented by Noosa Council’s Noosa regional Gallery, with artists and designers that practice in any type of 2D or 3D medium invited to post an entry for consideration. The idea is that the pieces presented in some way reflect the character of modern Australia’s coastline in some way. Queensland (QLD) has over 8,000 kilometres of coastline.

The entries can range from a Sunshine Coast Web Design to photographic images of the Queensland area, as well as all points in between. All told, the prize pool made available this year comes in at $12,000. In addition to the cash award and the prestige of winning, the artists chosen for the awards will have their work out on display at the Noosa Regional Gallery from August 28th to October 5th of this year. The Gala opening, which takes place on August 29th at 6 pm is where the winners will be formally announced.

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The top cash prize will go to the national winner who will receive $7,000, as well as having their work displayed in the Noosa Council QLD art collection.

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There will also be a pair of regional winners announced, each of whom will receive a cash prize in the amount of $1,500. The award that has garnered the most popularity over the years has been the People’s Choice award, which is selected by the Friends of Noosa Regional Gallery. The winner of that award will receive $1,000. Rounding out the cash awards are a pair of $500 prizes which will be awarded to two Emerging Artists who will be pulled from tertiary level students working in 2D and 3D mediums.

When asked about the goal of the annual awards ceremony, Noosa regional gallery Director, Nina Shadforth, said that the idea is to deliver a national platform where artists in the Sunshine Coast QLD area and beyond could show off their work and have their efforts recognised. She also sees it as the ideal way for businesses in the community to partner with the gallery and show their appreciation of the arts. Ms. Shadforth also believes that the awards help highlight the cultural aspect of the Noosa area, with new artistic works constantly being added to the existing collection, which is still small. She feels that showing off the culture and artistry of the region will make it a part of the country that more and more tourists will want to descend upon.

Entries are now being accepted for this year’s awards, with local and national artist’s encouraged to submit their work at their earliest possible convenience.

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Testimonial – Neil Parker , 12 Website.com


When we decided to upgrade our website we had a reasonable idea of what we wanted. We did not know though how to develop a website and what the process would be.

We sent out a specification to a number of web designers located on the Sunshine Coast. We had a received a number of responses mainly by email except for Neil Parker at 12 website. com.
Neil rang and it was obvious from that contact that he had done some homework on what we had asked for and could talk the talk and also walk it.

We set up a meeting and decided to proceed with his proposal.

Neil was able to provide great advice on the site development and the process for achieving it.

We also wanted to be able to have control of the site and be able to update it ourselves. Given that we were not that website experienced this was seen by us to be a major task. As it turned out Neil provided excellent tuition so that by launch date we felt very comfortable about being able to cope.

He was also very helpful in dealing with a domain name issue we had and in advising how to set up and register a new name. He now manages the name registration and the hosting of the site.

Neil continues to provide help and advice as we have progressed.

At the outset we wanted a site that would provide a service to or members, provide a means of making other car enthusiasts aware of our Club and that we would be able to control and update as we required.

We believe that we have achieved these objectives and have done it with a min of fuss.

This is a measure of what Neil did for us. We would strongly recommend Neil Parker at 12 Website.com for any club or business who wants to get on the internet and do it quite easily.


John Davies
MG Car Club Sunshine Coast QLD

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