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If there is one thing that is true about website builders, it is that it’s an industry that is in a constant state of flux. A website that is considered cutting edge today may well be labeled a dinosaur this time next year. Each New Year brings a new set of design trends that will set the tone for how the internet will look and evolve in the coming months. Think of it in terms of fashion, in that the items that are considered to be “in” today will be “out” tomorrow. Do you want your website to be the ultimate fashion statement for your business, or do you want to look like the kid in hand me down clothes? This was future of web design from March 2007.

• Cutting edge of design

As website builders, we are assuming that you want to have a website that is on the cutting edge of design, as this will have the biggest, most positive impact on the consumers who visit your webpages. A person who arrives at a site that looks modern and ahead of the times will immediately assume that the company who has that site is one that is ahead of the game. In order to make them feel that way, you need to be aware of how your site is being viewed by the average consumer. By that we mean, what sort of device are they using to view your content?

• Viewing your website on a smartphone

In today’s world, the likelihood is that they will be viewing your website on a smartphone or some other sort of mobile device. This is something that you should already know, but the question is whether or not you have built in a way that keeps up with the way in which people now commonly access the internet. The easiest way to make sure that everyone sees your site in the way it is meant to be seen, regardless of the device being used, is to build the site using responsive design.

• Website built using responsive web design

Rather than having a separate site for mobile users, a website built using responsive web design will automatically detect the size of the screen being used to view the content, and will size itself accordingly. Visitors are generally given the option of seeing the full site if they wish, but when all the information that they need is right there in front of them, here usually isn’t any need to do so.

Neil Parker

• A website with endless scrolling

Another design element that will help you stay ahead of the curve in 2015 is something that is known as endless scrolling. If you have a site that is image based (Pinterest etc.) it can become a chore for users to go from page to page looking for the image they want. With endless scrolling, visitors can be treated to image after image without ever having to click over to another page. It is amazing how the interest of the viewer can be maintained by adding this one simple design element. The goal of your website, especially when selling, is to keep visitors there for as long as possible. Responsive design and endless scrolling are two design elements that help make that happen.

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