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- April 2014

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Neil ParkerWe guarantee you will be delighted with our web design and our web development works. We are “1 2 website – Working Websites”.

The amount of people accessing the web through their mobile phones is increasing and people all around the world use only their mobile phones to interact with online content. These people are tired of websites that aren’t user-friendly and are a pain to access. Having a properly optimised and well-designed responsive website is important for the success of your online endeavors and will make sure your message will get across to your audience. When people access your content online they expect a smooth process. With the web design solutions provided by Sunshine Coast Web Design; you guarantee that your users are afforded only the finest online mobile experience.

Web design options

Many web design companies charge exorbitant amounts of money for their services and don’t put a lot of effort into ensuring their clients are happy. At 1 2 website we offer incredible customer service and provide a wide range of web designs options to meet your needs. With our affordable and reliable services it’s no wonder that many people choose us to optimise their small business websites and ensure their website users have the most efficient online experience. The services we offer will get your company and website online quickly. Each aspect of the web process from choosing the domain to deciding on hosting services and even the layout of your site will be overseen by a team of highly skilled and formally trained web design consultants.

Guaranteed web design and development

Websites designed for your customers

It’s important to get your message across to potential customers or target demographic on phones and computers in a way that is easy to read and responsive on every platform. Sunshine Coast Web Design provides the options you need to ensure your website is fully responsive and running smoothly online. Any errors with your page will cause people to avoid visiting your website and using your services. We can design your website and manage it for your business for a fair and affordable price. Why settle for less when 1 2 website offers the highest quality of web design services in Australia. We are located on the Sunshine Coast and service clients worldwide.

Online experience

Whether you’re a small business looking to increase your online presence or you’re a traditional storeowner who wants a website designed and optimised for web use, at 1 2 website we provide solutions to your web design needs. We guarantee your users will have a perfect online experience when visiting your website and viewing your web content. In the 21st century there’s no reason you shouldn’t focus on the online aspect of the marketplace. Sunshine Coast Web Design can help you get your small business or traditional store online and increase your customer base more than you thought possible. For your web design needs, we offer the best options available and strive to ensure our customers are fully satisfied. 

Web design testimonial

My internet forum launched on the 16th December 2013. Neil who developed was fantastic. Over a 3 week period I saw my site grow to be a functioning forum.
I had never done anything like this before, so I was dubious going in. But after a few meetings with Neil, those concerns were gone. Neil developed the site on time, under some unique challenges. He put in some late nights to see it through. Neil was always available when I rang, to discuss the progress of my site. Neil patiently took the time to explain technical issues.
Once my site went live. Neil hovered electronically in the background for a few days to ensure any issues that arose would be resolved.
Neil delivered a professional modern product with ongoing support. After watching Neil work, it’s great value for money. I have no hesitation recommending Neil and his company to anyone who may wish a site developed from scratch. Well done.
Mike Hatton
0400 487 016

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