Ecommerce Website Design | April 2016

Website design is in a constant state of flux

Website design is in a constant state of flux

Many business owners make the mistake of having a website professionally designed, and then sitting back and making no changes to the site for years. Website design is in a constant state of flux, and a website that looked great a year ago may well look totally dated now. If you are seeing that the number of visitors to your website is starting to take a dip, it may well be that your visitors are not entirely pleased with the look and layout of your site. There are some definite design trends that are coming to the forefront in 2016, and you may need to make some changes to your ecommerce site if these are not a part of your current design.

Simplicity is key when it comes to the design of an ecommerce website. Rather than having a flashy design that jumps off the page, ecommerce sites should be as clean and easy to navigate as possible. Take a look at the website of any major retailer and you will see that their layouts are pretty much identical. They know that the goal is to convert as many visitors into buyers as possible, and they achieve that by keeping the site layout straightforward and easy to navigate. Your ecommerce website design Sunshine Coast should be as close to that style of design as possible.

When you think about shopping online nowadays, you tend to think about doing it on the go. The number of people who use mobile devices to access the internet is steadily climbing, and ecommerce sites that do not embrace that mobile trend are going to be left behind by their competitors. Mobile sales conversions are still a ways off other methods of ecommerce, but that gap will shrink as website designs become more mobile friendly. This should be considered an opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

As a business owner with a website, you have probably heard customers say that pop-ups are annoying. That may well be the case, but you will also notice that all of the major retailers still employ pop-ups for a variety of different reasons. Those who do it well understand that the pop-up can contain something that is beneficial to the customer. It could be an instant discount or sale offer, or perhaps an invitation to sign up for a newsletter that will have sales information delivered directly to their inbox. Make your pop-ups something valuable and they will instantly become less annoying.

• Use of images to sell as opposed to text

Neil ParkerAnother thing to consider for your ecommerce website design Sunshine Coast is the use of images to sell as opposed to text. This is a situation where a picture really is worth a thousand words, and it will show up in your sales numbers.

Sites like Pinterest have changed the way in which people view websites, and they now expect to see an image of what they want, rather than having to plow through a ton of text that doesn’t do the product justice. Follow these design tips and you will end up with an ecommerce site that looks thoroughly modern.

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