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Mobile phones need fast websites

Fast ecommerce websites

In the very early days of the internet, websites were slow and clunky, which was fine when considering that the whole thing was still something of a novelty for those who used it. As time passed, though, internet users wanted more, and they wanted it faster than ever before. This became especially true once businesses started to develop their web design for ecommerce. The goal was to get people through the web sales process fast - as quickly as possible, which meant creating ecommerce websites that performed faster than most.

• Responsive Design

The bar was raised even higher once smartphones started to become popular, as people were now able to shop on the go. Residents of the Sunshine Coast could purchase an item from a site located halfway across the globe, and all without getting off their phone. E-commerce sites looking to stay ahead of the curve created dedicated mobile websites, although it’s fair to say that those early versions were not particularly fast or reliable. They became much better once website designers and developers created something known as responsive design.

• Accelerated Mobile Web Pages Sunshine Coast

With responsive design, users no longer had to choose between a desktop or mobile site, as the code built into the design detected the screen size and adapted accordingly. Speeds got faster, and those using this type of site reaped the benefits. We are now at the next stage of mobile web design, and it all began with something known as accelerated mobile pages (AMP), which was designed by the good folks at Google. What AMP did was only load the pages that were relevant to what the user was looking for, although this proved to be somewhat limiting for those folks who wanted to explore everything in the website after the home page.

• One Website for Both Mobile and Computer

For the best in accelerated web pages, you may want to consider looking at what is known as progressive web app (PWA), as it essentially delivers the full mobile e-commerce site at speeds previously not seen before. The best way to describe the difference between AMP and PWA is to describe the former as a preview while the latter is the full serving. Website owners are not simply choosing between one or the other here, though, as they are finding that the best results, both in terms of speed and ease of finding the site come when both technologies are combined in a single mobile site.

• Fast Ecommerce Websites

The fact of the matter nowadays is that if you want to survive and thrive with an ecommerce website, you need to be able to get consumers in and out as quickly as possible and have them be happy with the retail experience. The only way to manage that is to have a website that is professionally designed to the latest standards. Doing anything less than that means potentially having a slower site that is tougher for consumers to find, which pays right into the hand of your competition.

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