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Sunshine Coast Web Design Return Visitors

At web design Sunshine Coast we work at keeping our customers happy and returning to us on a regular basis. It is 8 times harder to gain a new customer than to service an existing one.

Getting return visitors is all about making your visitors feel important, even special. You need to give them what they ask for, what they are searching for, and then go the extra mile for them when they get to you. That way, they will come back for more, time and again.

So how can you please your visitors so they revisit your site?

1. Current web design

Update the content on your website frequently. Dormant sites are dropped by some search engines as well, which will reduce all your traffic anyhow. More in our web design ezine article.

2. Web design Sunshine Coast value

You can identify related complementary sites and put links to these additional products and services. Ask those sites to do the same for you.

It won't necessarily increase your visibility but it does add value to your human visitors. You can also advertise books and videos that relate to your business and are not in competition with your own offers. For example a Sunshine Coast website promoting scuba diving links to another Sunshine Coast website advertising Bus Charters. Certainly not in competition but complimentary.

3. Visitors to subscribe to your website

Offer a free report or video training or to get discounts and special offers. Place a link on your site to invite visitors to 'opt in' to get a monthly newsletter or valuable coupons. More info in our web design newsletter article.

4. Website design social

Add a link to your primary page for an RSS feed or other social bookmarking links so they can get updates automatically. More info in our web design social networking article. Suggest they 'Add this site to your Favorites in Internet Explorer or Bookmark in Firefox'.

5.Recommend this website to a Friend link

Visitors can email your website link, with a prewritten title, "Thought you might be interested in this", just by clicking on it.

This expands your traffic as others share your site info with their network of contacts. More on Web Design Network.

6. Brand your website by design

Identify your website with a friendly, attractive scheme, so that visitors always recognise when they are on your site's pages. Use a clear logo and consistent 'look and feel'. Always include a 'Contact Us' link in your navigation bar. Our web design brand article expands on this.

7. Professional web design

Create a 'Terms and Conditions' page that clearly defines your business principles. Have a privacy policy too, so visitors know what happens to their data on your site and that they are secure from spam when they opt-in. Web design professional covers this in more detail.

8. Web design questions

Create a Frequently Asked Questions page which answers most of the concerns about your business, product or services that people generally ask.

This helps to allay the main doubts people have when they first visit your website. Go to our Web Design Research page for more information.

9. Web design links

Use clear titles and keywords and a clear navigation so that your visitors can find their way back to your site if they lose their bookmark.

The links within your website that enable you to move from web page to web page are known as your navigation. Navigation must be simple. More Info

10. Web design customers

Never spam a customer, who has opted for newsletters with third party emails. If they decide to unsubscribe, make sure you honour their request and take them off your broadcast list and any autoresponder series.

They may still come back if they like your products and opt in again, perhaps if there's a different offer from time to time. More on web design for customers.

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