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- March 2014

Mobile Web: wherever and whenever

Neil ParkerThere was a time when the Internet was something spectacular and people were amazed that they could access websites like Wikipedia from their own homes, learning so many new things. The advent of the mobile website has allowed us to stay connected wherever and whenever.

Because, let’s be fair, no matter how many clips, movies, songs, and games you find online, the most important thing is that you stay informed, educated and updated with the latest news. And every respectable business knows this.

Visual websites

Even from the first year, many powerful brands joined the online environment, and nowadays the Internet is one of the most powerful tools of a small startup business. They all use websites, and these websites attract clients with something more than their information.

People go after things that appeal to them visually so it is essential to have a website, but it can be useless if it doesn’t have the latest design with all the right pictures and messages. There is an entire industry behind these websites, and now there is something happening that is wonderful. People don’t have to be to be home to access the Internet. They have now something else, even more powerful than that. They have smartphones, and they can access the Internet from anywhere they want; they have freedom.

Mobile web design

Websites of the future

In order to have a flourishing business, you will need to take a step ahead and think about the future, and the future is represented by the mobile website. Those small devices that fit in your pocket are now more powerful and influential than ever.

The statistics show that right now there is a constant development in the mobile phones industry, and those who are developing new applications may make a lot of money. And those who want to remain in the business and to be visited by as many customers as possible need to seriously think about a mobile friendly website.

Website development

We can help you in that matter, as we specialise in web development. So if you think about a mobile website, then you should actually think about a mobile website design. Because even if the attention shifted from personal computers to mobile phones, the design remains an essential marketing key that will attract the customers.

This year, the mobile web will be in the centre of attention, and people have already started thinking about different types of mobile website designs. If you want the best services, then you should come to us, as we offer you a complete variety of services that will make your business get on top.

Mobile web design

One of the critical points about mobile web design is that it must be light and fast quickly. Some / most wireless networks are not fast and catering to their speed is essential if you want people to view and use your website. This new development that allows men and women to carry all the information from the world in their pocket is happening thanks to the wireless network.

So if you are looking for some web designers who might help you with your mobile website design, you should come and visit us. We offer high quality services at a reasonable pricing, and our services are customer-oriented.

Web design testimonial

A testimonial from Chris & Michelle from
Neil Parker of 12 Website has helped us build, host, maintain and maximise our website and Facebook page for a number of years. We have been very happy with his service. He has guided us through the entire process with professionalism, efficiency and patience! He is easy to contact and explains concepts clearly and concisely. We have no hesitation in recommending him and would not consider using any other service provider.

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