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While it has been rumoured for some time, the word is now officially out that the Amazon marketplace is coming to Australia. This is big news for Australians who like to do their shopping online, as they were previously limited to Kindle related products when shopping at With the marketplace now throwing the doors wide open Down Under, Australians can now shop for all the goodies that people in the US and other major markets get to do every single day.

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Amazon has seen a steady increase in sales and popularity since they started offering Kindle products in Australia in 2013, and they now have close to 1,000 employees working in the country. The goal now is to track down businesses in Australia who may be interested in being part of the Amazon Marketplace, with the focus being on those businesses who offer quality products at prices that Australian consumers will get a kick out of. Fast delivery is also something that interested parties should be able to deliver.

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Amazon should not really have any real problems tracking down interested businesses, as there are already over 1,000 Australian retailers doing business in the US marketplace, as well as in other countries that Amazon sells in. While the numbers may come as a surprise to some, the fact of the matter is that Amazon gets roughly half of all their sales from third-party vendors. Amazon makes their money by charging a small fee for storage and delivery of the goods for sale.
In order to be a part of the Amazon Marketplace, potential sellers need to sign a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) agreement. The FBA is not yet available to those looking to get into the Australian version of the Amazon Marketplace, and it may well stay that way until the online giants finally decide on where they will operate their fulfillment center. There are some who believe that arrival of Amazon could hurt the retail industry in Australia, but also plenty who feel that it’s going to be an excellent way for retailers to grow their business on a global scale. Open your internet shop. If you are not interested with FBA we offer an alternative: shopping cart design for your business.

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Those who see the move as a positive thing point back to the early 200o’s, when it was eBay who were opening the doors for business. The arrival of eBay gave birth to some Australian businesses that are now household names. While there is no official word on the introduction of other Amazon services, the belief is that they will launch Prime Now, a 1-hour delivery service, in some of the larger Australian cities. This will allow them to offer a wide range of products whilst operating smaller fulfillment centers in those cities. Only time will tell how all of this plays out for retailers in the country, but make no mistake about it, Amazon internet shopping is coming to Australia in a big way, and it is going to change the way in which consumers and retailers do business.

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