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What use is great website design and enquiries from your website if you don't receive the enquiries?

How to set up Windows Mail to send and receive email

Managing multiple email accounts is simplified because each account in Windows Mail is organised in its own folder.

Before you set up Windows Mail, start by collecting the following information for each email account. You will need to enter this information during the setup process:

  • Your email address and password.
  • The type of email server your email service uses.
  • The address of the incoming and outgoing email servers used by your email provider.

1. To start, open Windows Mail. Click "Tools" and select "Accounts" from the list.

Click Tools and select Accounts

Click "Add" to add a new account.

Add to add a new account.

Select to add an email account and click "Next" to continue.

Add an email account

Type your name as it will appear on any emails you send. Click "Next".

Type your name

Enter your email address and click "Next"

Enter your email

Select "POP3" as the incoming server type and set both the incoming and outgoing server addresses.

Incoming mail server: Enter

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
This is the setting from your Internet Service Provider.
How do I find this? Check the settings of a current email account, search smtp your isp.

Bigpond :
Dodo :
Farmside :
iiNet :
Optusnet :
Ozemail :
Virgin Mobile 3G :
Vodafone 3G :
Westnet :

Click "Next" to continue.

Mail server settings

Enter your full email address as the username and the password as supplied by 12website. Tick the box if you want Windows Mail to remember your password and click "Next" to continue.

Click "Finish" to complete the process.

Click Finish to complete the process

Windows Mail Advanced Settings

How do I choose to "Remove email from the server once it has been read and / or deleted".


"Leave email on the server" in order to collect email on 2 or more computers.

In the Accounts tab, select the account you wish to modify and click properties.

Accounts properties

In the Properties window select the Advanced tab

To remove email from the server ensure the "Leave a copy of messages on server" is unticked.


To "Leave email on the server" in order to collect email on 2 or more computers.
Ensure the "Leave a copy of messages on server" is ticked and then tick "Remove from the server after x days". We recommend this is set no higher than 5.
Emails left on the server quickly fill your quota and your email fais!


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