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Web design for the 2015 yearEvery business on the Sunshine Coast and beyond is now well aware that they need a website if they want to drive their business forward. What they may not be aware of is that not updating their site on a regular basis can come back to haunt them. What works in a website today may not be relevant in 2015, which is why it’s always so important to stay on top of website design trends. In fact, if you get started now and take a proactive approach to the design of your site, you may just end up ahead of those competitors who are dragging their heels on design.:

• Minimalist design

– One of the biggest changes you are likely to see is a de-cluttering of how the site is laid out. Minimalist design is the way of the future, which means that formatting text and using white space in a creative way is becoming all the more important. People want to get to the important stuff on the pages, and they don’t want to have to wade through stuff that may look nice but which serves no real purpose.

• Card design layout

– One way to clean things up nicely is using a card design layout. The easiest way to describe what that looks like is to direct you to take a look at Pinterest, which is essentially the epitome of card design. This method of design helps people find exactly what they are looking for very quickly, whilst also giving your site a much organised look.

• Responsive design for all screens

– One thing to be aware of is that not everyone is going to be visiting your site via a PC or a laptop. In fact, chances are that most visitors are going to be checking out your content on a mobile device of one kind or another. While some businesses opt to make a separate site for mobile, the most effective way to create a great looking site across different screen sizes is to use responsive design. This is going to be a hot trend for 2015 and beyond, with your website automatically adjusting to the size of the screen that it is being viewed on.

Neil Parker

• Content is king

– A static site can look a little dull, but the good news is that there are a pair of trends for 2015 that will add a little movement without being totally distracting. Content is king when you are trying to get your site ranked on the search engines, but it’s not everyone that want’s to wade through a ton of text. Embedded video content is a great way to share content, and they are particularly good on mobile devices. Another way to get some movement is to use parallax scrolling in the background. It’s an unobtrusive form of movement that gives the site a 3D type look and a pleasant experience for your visitors.

• Keep updating

– There are sure to be some more changes as the year progresses, but for now, these additions to your business site will help keep you ahead of the curve.

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