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John Atkinson ran a successful inner city florist shop in Christchurch New Zealand. For 30 years, John serviced loyal families and corporate clientele.

John sold the 'bricks and mortar' business in 2001 but was still very much a florist.

Christchurch NZ Florist Flowerbiz | https://www.flowerbizflorist.co.nz/

Web based business development was the solution. Our first consultation was mid April 2002 and the web site was ready for Mother's Day flower sales. All contact between 12website.com and John was via telephone and e-mail as John's business is in Christchurch New Zealand and I am based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Outcome: https://www.flowerbizflorist.co.nz/ has continued to grow and features: Individual pages for specialty occasions. An online - credit card secure ordering system. NZFLOWERBIZ has expanded to all the suburbs of Christchurch. Contact Us.

Phone Neil: 0407 589 420.

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